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Tripti Gyan MCSP HCPC Reg
Chartered and State Registered Physiotherapist
The Magnolia Centre
354 Mansfield Road

Tel: 07866 464 385 (Within the UK)
Tel: +44 (0) 7866 464 385(Outside the UK)


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"Hi Tripti its Emma from Nottingham uni. Just wanted to let you know I did my half marathon yesterday and managed it in 1:48:19! Thanks for all your help"

"Dear Mandy, I just wanted to drop you a line to say what an excellent experience I had with the physiotherapist, Tripti. She was so knowledgeable and thorough and had a lovely manner about her. She explained in great detail why I was having the pain and showed me charts of the skeleton and the spinal nervous system. (I have since ordered these charts off Amazon so I can fully understand everything when I move onto the next stage of treatment.) Once again, thank you, Mandy. Stella"

"Where do I start? When I was looking into having physio someone recommended Tripti saying, 'Everyone rates Tripti', and now I know exactly what they mean. Tripti was fantastic at listening and then explaining why she was doing what she did. She's also a great problem solver. Following chemotherapy I was full of aches and pains and had lost a lot of strength in my arms and legs. Tripti used acupuncture and massage and I was amazed how soon I began to feel the benefit. After several sessions I now feel both physically and mentally prepared to cope with a return to work. I cannot thank or praise her enough. She's wonderful!" Margaret P

"I saw Tripti for a period of time, while I was living in Nottingham, and I wish I could find someone like her were I live now! She is excellent at listening and explaining what the problem is, shows empathy and her manual therapy is painless! I have always had pain when seeing a physiotherapist before but Tripti's treatments were always effective and painless, she made me feel relaxed and not anxious about going for my sessions. You can see that she enjoys what she does, demonstrates deep knowledge, and cares about her patients. I cannot recommended her enough!" Cristina Dominguez-Garcia

"Thanks so much Tripti. And thank you so very much for your kindness, understanding and time this morning, I am enormously grateful." Sonna

"That acupuncture on the back did absolute wonders!" Michael

"Hi Tripti! I'm feeling great! Just started putting the weight back on my lifts and I can finally do a barefooted squat with a barbell (just abouts) almost all the pain has gone and feeling alot more mobile." Liam

"Dear Tripti, Maxine Rose called in regards to her appointment on Saturday 15th October at 2pm. She advised that her back is feeling a lot better, and she will no longer need the appointment. She stated that she is very thankful for the help you have given her, and she will be in touch if she ever needs your help again. She does not require a call back, but asked that I pass the message on." MR

"Hi Tripti, thanks for my session today. I'm feeling so much better now." Chris

"Hi Tripti, thank you for yesterday! I am feeling it today, but also feeling very great, so thank you very much! Nadine

"Hi Tripti, still doing the physio stretching regularly which is helping a lot thank you. It's certainly something I'll continue with going forward. It took a good week for the pain to subside after the acupuncture but I guess that's par for the course!.....No pain no gain etc. I was astounded that it absolutely wiped me out that evening and pretty much the following day! Managing to increase the workload very gradually back to what I'm used to which is good news and I'll definitely hang onto your details for the future as I'm always managing to pull some muscle nearly every year! Thanks again for seeing me at such short notice.....I just wish I'd contacted you sooner! Kind Regards, Steve


"I have know Tripti for the past 13 years with 10 of those being my clinical and professional mentor. She's has guided, encouraged and educated me to achieve my goals as a clinician and if it wasn't for Tripti I wouldn't be the physiotherapist I am today.

Tripti is passionate, enthusiastic and extremely driven to provide her patients with the best quality of care. Tripti is extremely holistic when providing treatment to her patient, which derives from her extensive clinical knowledge and years of experience.

Tripti is a fantastic mentor whom is always readily available to share her vast knowledge of clinical practice and business.

Being a physiotherapist myself I am very selective on whom I recommend to treat my close family or friends. However Tripti is who I would choose every time without hesitation. She truly is fantastic. She recently treated my dad for a neck problem and within three sessions he's was pain free! Tripti is a highly specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist of the highest standard and I cannot recommend her enough.

Thank you Tripti!!" Antony La Mola; Specialist Neurological Paediatric Physiotherapist

"Hi Tripti, hope you are well. Just thought I'd let you catch up on my medical history. A week last Tuesday, the last bit of sharp pain left my back. Thanks for all your help in the process. Hope you have a great Christmas. Best wishes, John Rick"

"Hi Tripti, this is Cat. I saw you earlier this year when I had problems with my back. You were a great help. Now I need you to have a look at my knees please" CT

"Thank you once again for all your help, I look forward to playing cricket and feeling great afterwards because of all your hard work." Matthew Revill

"Confirmed DVT and it has branched out to mostly behind the knee. So glad it got caught in time. We both want to thank you for saving my life basically. You're the best xx" A&El

"You keep me working, so worth every penny." Sarah

"Hi Tripti, I cannot thank you enough for making me feel human again. Thanks so much, xx." Angela Stapleton

"Hey Tripti, thank you so much for the (treatment) the other day, it really has helped! xx" Natasha

"Thank you so much for getting the ball rolling with regard to getting my hand injury investigated again. I feel like I am in a much better place just knowing it's going to get fixed" Catherine Fowler

Good Morning Tripti, I have just had a lovely phone call from Angela. She has thanked me for arranging her physiotherapy treatment and told me that your treatment has been wonderful and has helped her so much. Angela said 'Tripti really knows her stuff and has helped me so much, it was so worth travelling to see her'. Just thought I would share the positive feedback. Thank you again for working with us and providing excellent care for our clients, its really making a difference. Kind Regards, Louise"

"Tripti, I'd just like to say a great big thank you for getting me back on the road to recovery. I'll never forget your kindness, and professionalism; highly recommended. Thanks again, Steve"

"I first knew Tripti when she worked in the public sector. I had at that time chronic back problems. She studied avidly on all methods relating to updated treatments, trauma & psychology of injury management etc. She still continues that mind set today. I recollect at that time an amusing story whilst on one of my numerous acupuncture treatments, I asked what she was doing. (Apparently browsing the Internet on anything to do with or related to physiotherapy.) What I got was the complete seminar style speech. Finished off with the unforgettable words, 'I guess I'm a nerd really.' During this time she was also studying for a Masters Business Qualification. Couldn't have been easy doing a day time job as well. She set up her own business in 2009. Under her management it has gone from strength to strength. Her expertise soon brought her to the attention of various Sporting Associations which led her to be chosen to work as a voluntary for the London Olympics / Paralympics and later the Commonwealth Games based in Scotland. I have benefited, from Tripti's knowledge and dedication to her own physiotherapy ethics and methodology.

My on-going neck, shoulder & lower back problems, were caused, I was told, playing amateur cricket. Apparently all those years ago bowling had caused a hair line crack to my clavicle which had, unknown to me, self-healed. Without special treatment I would now be in constant pain.

More recently, I have had to have a hip replacement and have just started a course of treatment designed by Tripti. Unfortunately, it will be necessary in the near future to have the other one done. Ah well, such is life.

However, looking on the bright side, when all completed, hopefully, I shall be able to run again. Can't wait. Missed so many buses!

I owe my quality of life, in no small measure to Tripti's brand of aftercare, regimen, coupled with a lovely sense of humour.

Many thanks Tripti. Keep up the excellent therapy." Alexander S

"Excellent and friendly service, makes you feel very comfortable. Would definitely recommend to anyone suffering with muscular pains!" Kristian Pugh

"Dear Tripti, thank you for the massage/acupuncture yesterday and for sending me the inspiring talks. Your pep talk seemed to touch a nerve and has inspired me. Thank you. I do feel as if I'm on a spiritual journey and appreciate everything that helps me along the road. By the way, the treatment you gave me yesterday seemed to electrify my nerve endings (that's the best way I can describe the feeling). I look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks. With best wishes and love, Pat x"

"Hi Tripti, we always get positive feedback from our clients who have received treatment from you." LC, case manager

"....after finger recovery exercises, so much better now *huge relief*. Big thanks to Tripti Gyan genius physio!!" Dana Morgan

"Hi Tripti, it was nice to see you and thank you very much for an amazing treatment! I feel like a new person today :-)" Milena Sokolowska

"I am so glad I found you. You have literally changed my life" Fabiana Ruggeri

"Thank you so much, Tripti! My back and legs feel much better. I have also received the exercises via email." CF

"Dear Tripti, I wanted to write you a note to say thank you for all your help and magical hands which helped my recovery massively and got me back in the gym and (maybe considering doing a half marathon later this year!). I'll let you know if I decide to do it. Love Reena xxx"

"What an amazing day! Thanks to everyone who has supported me and got me to the start. Unsurprisingly my lack of speedwork was evident (jog group, this is why we do intervals ;-)) but I knew what to expect so I'm really happy I gave 100%. Thanks to everyone who has trained with me; you know who you are and it means the world to me. And huge thanks for the support on course, especially Shelly, Ripley RC and the biggest shout from Heanor RC. Looking forward to Liverpool now where I will hopefully not hate every moment. Miracles definitely happen outside your comfort zone. Well done everyone else who ran today xxxx" Amy Bradley

"Hi Tripti, thanks for the massage yesterday and all the advice and support. It's all very much appreciated :-) Just to say that the massage has already had a very positive effect! After my muscles feeling a bit tired/lethargic all day at work, had to dig in and force myself out for an interval session this evening. The 4 x 1 mile intervals were 12-15 seconds per mile quicker than 2 weeks ago; well happy :-) Proof that even on days where you don't "feel it" you just have to keep going and the results will come! Enjoy the summer and I'll be in touch later to schedule another massage. I'm running a half marathon in the Yorkshire Wolds on 18/07 so probably sometime shortly after that. Kind Regards, Tim"

"Hi Tripti,

I hope that all is well and that you enjoyed the weekend, what perfect weather!

I thought I'd drop you a quick line re progress since my operation. Well, let me describe how I feel at the moment, which is FANTASTIC !! The scar on my back is still weeping a little but the swelling and the pain around that has reduced significantly in the last week or so. And I have no pain in my leg at all ! I did a 6 mile walk last weekend, played golf yesterday, and did a 3-hour 10-mile walk today, all with no ill effects at all. As you can tell, I'm easing back into things ;-). I'm back with the surgeon on Wednesday but from my perspective, the op has been 100% successful !! And it's so great to be active again, I'd forgotten just how much I'd missed that.

So, it would be great to catch up again. I'm on holiday for a week from Thursday but could I take an appointment on Saturday 18th ? It would be good to get your opinion on all of this and I do want to start rebuilding my core again. I'm also getting nasty nerve pain in my right foot from time to time, which I'm sure is down to a lifetime of ankle injuries, so would like your advice on how to build up strength there too. Let me know when you might be available then.....lunchtime maybe ?

I hope all is well, and of course I'm hugely grateful for your support in getting me to this place !! Very best wishes, RN"

"Last year I needed a physio in Nottingham for a client who had sustained a fractured L1. The client was suffering from a lot of pain, and was very distressed. I referred this client to Tripti, and I have been so impressed not only by her treatment, but also the way she has communicated so effectively, and the relationship she has developed with the client. The client trusts her implicitly, and Tripti has shown her enormous compassion. From a case manager's point of view, the best part of this is the fantastic progress that the client has made. She has already gotten so much of her former life back, and now goes out with friends again regularly. I was not expecting this client to regain as much function as she has, or to have made as much progress with her pain management. Fortunately I am working with a proactive insurer who has seen the benefit of continuing with therapy despite the goals for rehab being so far along. This means we are continuing to truly meet this client's rehab goals to the absolute limit. I know that she is in the best hands with Tripti, and that she will regain more of her function before the summer, and possibly more importantly, have an even better handle on her pain management." Liz Haunch

"Dear Tripti, I wish to sincerely thank you for your consistent and invaluable support in allowing me to lead a fulfilling life with dual disabilities following my accident". SB

"I have been treated by several Physiotherapists in the past. What I like about Tripti is that she is no ordinary Physiotherapist. Her level of thinking goes far higher, yet she is able to articulate her analyses to me during my treatment sessions in a way that I can always understand. For me, this means that I always trust what she says". ST, Nottingham

"Hi Tripti,

Hope you're well. All going well so far, lots of good running news:

- Ankle fully better: no pain, no 'clicking' noise as it rotates
- Continue to be running 5 days per week, and will get over the 40 mile per week barrier in the next few weeks
- Interval training now for 7 weeks as part of my schedule
- Finished 6th at Forest Rec Parkrun in February and only 23 seconds slower than my time on same course last year post-marathon; good solid performances at a cross-country run and local 10k also in March.

So although I might not be at a personal peak, I'm definitely heading in the right direction and continue to make progress. I should be back part of my running club in April.

As always, many thanks. I literally couldn't do it without you." Tim Dove

"Having visited a number of physios over the years I found Tripti's in depth support a refreshing change. I found Tripti to be very knowledgeable and a true professional at all times. Tripti made me feel most welcome and put me at ease straight away. Over the past number of years due to a fall my knee has caused me severe problems. Her attention to detail in diagnosing my knee problem was outstanding. With Tripti's help and support and sheer persistence I got an appointment with a Consultant at QMC. If it wasn't for Tripti I would never have been put forward for an MRI scan and having just got the results back, Tripti has put a plan in place for me to manage my condition better . I can't thank her enough for this and in turn knowing the results has enabled me to have peace of mind". SEM

"Today was my first time to experience acupuncture and massage. I feel like I'm floating, my back, head and shoulders feel a million times better. Tripti you are a very talented lady I'm very impressed! Thank you :o)" Janet Brown

"Hi Tripti, I just wanted to say thanks for helping me get back into my guitar playing. I did an open mic night on Friday and got some great comments." Mark Hemming

'Put yourself in expert hands with Tripti Gyan. The physiotherapy care I received at TG Physiotherapy was excellent! I have worked with many of the leading physiotherapists over the past years, but Tripti Gyan is by far one of the finest'. Sharon Roberts

'Tripti fixed me up a treat with massage and acupuncture following stiff shoulders from stress and tension. This lady works miracles'. Laura Clash

'It's very easy being a model patient with Tripti as my physio. She is very easy to work with, very understanding, and keeps interested in my worries. I've never felt as if I was just another patient with her. I don't think I would have gotten better and felt better so quickly without her expertise'. Karen Wong

'I broke my leg playing a contact sport and Tripti was absolutely key in my recovery! From the first appointment she was positive and supportive of my wanting to return to the sport but was also honest and realistic. She explained not only why I felt how I did but how my recovery was going to progress - which was of a great help to me. Tripti has a great bedside manner and is brilliant at what she does. I will be recommending Tripti to any friends with sports injuries!' Sophie Williams

'I have no problem getting an appointment with Tripti. I trust her to treat me thoroughly and effectively. She listens to me and would not do anything unnecessarily'. Valerie Sellars

'I have a lower back and knee problem. I previously tried various treatments and exercises, but with only modicum improvement. Tripti came to my attention as a new breed of practitioner; highly qualified, skilled in the art of physiotherapy and acupuncture. Her dedication, care and attention to detail is impressive. She is continually studying the latest treatments, skills, techniques and procedures via the internet, seminars and courses. Interestingly, previous courses also included the psychology of pain control management and support. Tripti set me a personal health plan tailored to my needs covering physiotherapy, acupuncture, gym exercises and sports massage. Many thanks for improvement gained'. Ivan Skinner

Tripti is my wonderful Physio. As important as a good reed! (Musicians will understand) If ever in need I would highly recommend! Sarah Watts

'A good clinician should be compassionate, enthusiastic and informed. Tripti encompasses all of these qualities, along with a great sense of humour!' Lynda Unitt

'As a physiotherapist, Tripti is conscientious and reliable. She has outstanding communication skills and a wonderful ability to put people at ease, regardless of who they are. She has developed her career in both the musculoskeletal area of physiotherapy and education/research. She is thorough, conscientious and committed to delivering a high standard of patient care whilst raising the profile and development of physiotherapy practice.' Ceri Sedgeley

'Tripti is, in my opinion, a very good physiotherapist. She conducts herself with professionalism at all times. She has an excellent teaching style, which is so important when communicating with patients and teaching them self-care strategies. She adopts a problem-solving approach when dealing with patients, exploring potential solutions from different angles until both she and her patient are happy with the outcome.' Alison Hobday

'Tripti has always, and still displays the richest qualities of honesty and dedication in all her endeavours. She is very thorough in all her undertakings. Her academic status today exhibits proof of her ability to move ahead. Tripti continues to be a friendly, compassionate and down-to-earth individual and I wish her continued success in any new venture she wishes to undertake'. Evans Harry