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Top 5 tools a physiotherapist can't do without

physiotherapy on kneeMechanics, builders, plumbers, electricians, IT professionals, chefs, doctors, dentists: anyone from these professions will tell you that there are certain tools they simply can't do without - equipment that they rely upon day in and day out. So, what are the first items to be packed into a physiotherapist's bag of tricks? What would one need most if they were stuck on a desert island with a boatful of injured people in need of rehabilitation? Let's take a look.

  • Ice Packs
    Simple yet effective, ice packs are invaluable in helping the human body handle injuries. Ice packs not only numb the pain of a problem area, they also carry out the important role of reducing swelling.
  • Heat Packs
    Interestingly, hot and cold can often perform similar tasks. Heat packs can also be used for pain relief by physiotherapists, as well as for relaxing tight muscles - making them more pliable under pressure and aiding a deeper massage.
  • Massage balm
    As most physios will tell you, the value of a good massage balm shouldn't be underestimated. Using a non-greasy, aromatic massage oil such as Dynamint can soothe, moisturise and increase blood flow to muscles whilst avoiding any drying or burning of the skin through friction.
  • Acupuncture needles
    An effective technique for aiding pain relief, treating trigger points and reducing stress, acupuncture needles can be an effective tool for any physiotherapist experienced in using them.
  • Hands
    The Number 1 Assessment and Treatment tool for a physiotherapist doesn't cost a single penny - although talent and experience in how best to put them to use can be priceless. A strong, competent pair of hands can make the difference to thousands of patients in need of treatment.

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