The clinic is currently closed for personal reasons and is due to reopen on 1st May 2024. Please revisit the website for any further updates or ring 07866 464 385
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Contact Me:
Tripti Gyan MCSP HCPC Reg
Chartered and State Registered Physiotherapist
The Magnolia Centre
354 Mansfield Road

Tel: 07866 464 385 (Within the UK)
Tel: +44 (0) 7866 464 385(Outside the UK)


About TG Physiotherapy Care

TG Physiotherapy Care has built a reputation for clinical excellence and unrivalled customer service. Now one of the premier Nottingham physiotherapy clinics, TG Physiotherapy Care's growth has been driven by owner and director Tripti Gyan.

With over 26 years clinical experience, Tripti brings passion, enthusiasm, integrity and skill to TG Physiotherapy Care. With a range of services on offer - from sports massage to acupuncture, deep tissue massage to training programmes - Tripti has made high-quality physiotherapy treatment available and affordable for everyone based within Nottinghamshire.

About Tripti Gyan Physiotherapy from TriptiGyan

Physiotherapy in Nottingham - a reputation for success

The success of TG Physiotherapy Care lies in our clinical excellence and customer satisfaction. Many of our clients have been with us for years - convinced that the results they have achieved can be directly attributed to the accurate diagnoses and effective treatments performed by us. 60% of our business also comes from direct referrals, proving that our customers' satisfaction has led them to recommend us to their friends and family.

Why not book yourself in for a consultation today? Find the answer to your aches and pains at TG Physiotherapy Care by calling 07866 464 385 and booking an appointment at one of clinics.

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Nottingham Clinic NG1 2EF:

Welcome from Tripti Gyan, Principal Physiotherapist at TG Physiotherapy Care

Welcome to the TG Physiotherapy Care website. I hope our website helps you to make an informed judgement on your medical requirements and gives you a taster of what we offer to our physiotherapy patients in Nottingham. If you would like to find out more information regarding the services we offer or would like to book an appointment you can get in touch via phone, text or, email

It is my belief that being a professional physiotherapist puts me in a very privileged position. Every day my patients put their future health and wellbeing in my hands, trusting me to ease their pain and help them achieve their goals.

That word 'trust' is something I feel very strongly about. As a patient at TG Physiotherapy Care you are entrusting us to improve your physical condition - having faith in us making the right diagnosis and that the course of treatment we prescribe is right for you.

We understand that receiving medical treatment can be a stressful experience for some people. That's why my focus as director of TG Physiotherapy Care is to build a relaxing, friendly yet professional environment. It is vitally important that you, the patient, trust us to make the right diagnosis, prescribe the appropriate course of treatment and build a lasting relationship to ensure your good health for the long-term.

We aim to be personable and approachable, providing the kind of service that can put you at ease. With this in mind, I'd like to share a little information about myself.

A little bit about me

I was born and grew up in Trinidad in the West Indies. My immediate family, close friends and colleagues still live there and I look forward to visiting them every year.

Tripti Gyan

In 1993, I started my physiotherapy training at Coventry University in the UK. Fast forward to 2013 and I am now a qualified physiotherapist with over 17 years of clinical experience in both the NHS and private practice. I am extremely fortunate to have experienced what I consider to be the best of both worlds and, to have mentors and colleagues in both sectors.

I was employed at the New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton from 1996-2002. There I was privileged to work alongside very experienced, knowledgeable and forward-thinking physiotherapists. This allowed me to create a sound clinical base from which I pursued and developed my current speciality in treating and managing neuromusculoskeletal conditions.

I relocated to Nottingham in 2002 to work in private practice. This move was primarily to create more flexible working hours to allow me the necessary study time to complete my Masters Degree in Physiotherapy.

Being a physiotherapist places me in the unique position of being able to help people on the road to recovery as soon as possible. I like to treat my patients as I would like to be treated myself. So, I use a holistic approach to patient care, focusing not only on the body, but also on the mind.

In my experience, combined treatment methods are the most effective in delivering maximum benefit. In order to achieve this, I consistently train across a range of skills and therapeutic techniques to complement my commitment to patient care. This allows me to bring a holistic perspective to my work, enhancing the positive outcome of my patients' treatment experience.

In May 2009, circumstances presented an opportunity for me to set up my own physiotherapy practice, and so, 'TG Physiotherapy Care' was created, built upon the foundation of professional integrity and trust.

My goal is to make physiotherapy treatment accessible to everyone and to provide a high standard of patient-focused physiotherapy care. My philosophy is simple; I want every treatment to be a positive experience. I strive for the best results with every patient I work with to improve their self-sufficiency and quality of life.

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